About Huis Lesedi

Huis Lesedi was opened in March 2006. uMephi, a registered welfare project of the AFM of Southern Africa’s Executive Welfare Council, acquired a house for the purpose of caring for destitute babies and toddlers. The vision sprang from members of a local Doxa Deo church. The congregation prayerfully undertook to support the House with monetary gifts, volunteer work and physical needs. With the help of many donors and volunteers from the community the “House of Light” was prepared for the big day – all to the glory of God.

While we were waiting to see the Lord’s plan for the House become clearer, we took care of abused and neglected babies and toddlers, as well as abandoned children. (Please visit our Stories page.) We aimed to nurture these children until they could be reunited with their families or alternatively be adopted.

Gradually it became evident that it would be best to focus on abandoned babies – including those with HIV/AIDS – who could live a normal, healthy and happy life if treated with anti-retro-viral medication as soon as possible after birth. A number of success stories can give witness to the hope that exists for these unfortunate little ones!

Babies arrive at Huis Lesedi through the Court system from intervention by social workers or the police. Social workers will attempt to return the baby to the biological parents when possible. When this fails uMephi accepts responsibility to find suitable adoption parents, often in foreign countries. Babies normally do not stay at Huis Lesedi beyond the age of 12 months or so. If they have not been returned to their mother or have not been adopted at that time they will be transferred to other Houses of Care equipped to care for older children.

There is no governmental assistance available for Huis Lesedi. All expenses need to be raised by way of donors who’d feel a tug on their heartstrings.

To participate in this noble cause, please visit our Picture Gallery, Wish List and Donate pages.

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